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I first approached Heather about her services after failing a part of my survival training course for working offshore. I had a problem using the breathing apparatus used in the helicopter underwater escape training and I feared that my chances of working offshore had ended before they had even started. After three sessions with Heather her techniques enabled me to overcome my fear of using this breathing apparatus and also helped me cope with the stress and anxiety of having to go back and try the course again. I don’t think I realised how worked up I was about this until after the first session where I walked out feeling like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I had a completely different attitude towards not only the survival course but things in general. The sessions themselves were an amazing experience taking me into a state of relaxation I would never have thought possible. Now thanks to Heather I completed the course with confidence and am now looking forward to a new and exciting career in the offshore energy industry. This itself is testament to the diversity of Heather’s skills and hopefully convinces people to contact Heather for help with things they might have thought no one could help with. My family and I would just like to thank Heather once again for her help.

CG of Falkirk Clinical Hypnotherapy on 13 Apr 2014 April 13, 2014