Hypnotherapy Training Scotland

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Hypnotherapy Training Scotland
June 30, 2021

Having recently completed the Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnotherapy combined
with Hypnotherapy in Practice Diploma Qualifications over the past 10 months with The UK
Academy Scotland, I would like to comment on the excellent standard of training provided
by our tutor Heather. The course was delivered in an enjoyable and dynamic format, with a
good mixture of theory and practical training. I was also impressed with the variety of topics
covered and strong focus on ethics throughout the course. Heather blended the core course
content with invaluable “nuggets” from her own wealth of knowledge gained through many
years of being in practice.
Due to Covid -19 restrictions all our training was presented through Zoom and despite not
being face to face I found it very easy to interact with Heather and also the other students
in the class and we built up a strong bond over the course. Throughout the course I felt
very well supported. Heather provided continuous encouragement and we were provided
with productive feedback both in the process of completing the written assignment and also
during the practical training. The size of our group made it straightforward for Heather to
tailor training around the learning styles of each individual student. While the training was
carried out in a very professional manner we nonetheless enjoyed many lighthearted
moments adding to the overall positive experience.
I was also impressed with the level of information provided towards setting up a successful
hypnotherapy business after qualifying.
I would not hesitate to recommend The UK Academy for anyone contemplating undertaking
Professional Hypnotherapy training. I can truly say I found the experience transformative.
Morag Cahir 22/6/2021