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In May this year I went to see Heather at the clinic in Polmont. The clinic is lovely and relaxing and Heather is so friendly and welcoming. I have spent many years trying out different diets and all the latest fads, I could probably write a book there is nothing I don’t know, or so I thought. All the health professionals say eat less and move more, well it’s not rocket science and it does work believe it or not. However I was not in the frame of mind at the time until I met Heather and went through the hypnoband process. I went form being a totally frazzled mum, holding down a demanding job and juggling everything to being very relaxed and feeling like I was 6ft tall, bearing in mind I’m only 5ft 1in. The whole process made me look at why I constantly grazed at food and the reasons behind me over-eating, I found the food diary to be really helpful and for once did not think about how many calories was in something. I just ate 3 healthy meals a day with healthy snacks when I wanted something and in the first week I lost 8lb. The CD’s I also found to be very relaxing and my sub-conscious must have taken over as by the time I had finished doing my deep breathing I was so relaxed I was actually sleeping.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has struggled with their relationship with food. Heather is so friendly and easy to talk to and at times so relaxing that I don’t want to wake up. Not only has this helped with my own weight loss but also with relaxation and tools to cope in my often busy and hectic life.

LA of Kincardine HypnoBand on 26 September 2012 September 26, 2012