Paediatric Hypnotherapy

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Dear Heather,

What can i say WOW. I brought my 9 year old son to you as he was diagnosed with anxiety and OCD. After a couple of sessions i have seen a massive difference in J. He panics less at school and doesn’t cry when it comes to doing number work. He rearranges things less and has stopped washing his hands constantly they’ve managed to clear up, and all bad thoughts from his head are gone. Its like you have waved a magic wand. Jay has become more confident and now has a can do attitude rather than giving up at the first hurdle. His class teachers particularly learning support have seen a massive difference. J will now happily sit and do math’s without any worry or anxiety. I cant thank you enough. I would highly recommend you to anyone. You have made my little boy so happy and he says he feels a lot better. He says you are a very nice lady and funny. He wishes all children that have anxiety and OCD would come to you then they will be happy and calm. J continues to listen to his cd every night. Thanks again.

LMc of Armadale 4th September 2018 September 4, 2018