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I had tried every recommended smoking cessation known to man. I was left in the frame of mind that after 40 years of smoking 30 cigarettes a day I would never be able to stop. I read an article about HMH Therapy and my daughter kindly offered to pay for me to give Hypnotherapy a try so I phoned Heather and met with her on 8th March 2013, I must admit I was sceptical as I had been hypnotised before and it had not worked. Heather immediately made me feel at ease and we talked at length about my health problems and why I HAD to stop smoking. She then asked me to lie back and put my feet up on a stool I was very comfortable she then asked me to close my eyes and she began to talk to me, the next think I remember was waking up and saying to her you hypnotised me. I had been out for the count and was astonished that Heather had been able to put me under as I am a strong willed person, but, she did.
I paid her and left and I was thinking to myself I should be lighting a cigarette just now but didn’t have the urge to. This took place 10 weeks ago and I have NEVER felt like a cig since my husband and family cannot believe how well I’m doing. I can officially say I am a non smoker. Heather also gave me a cd to listen to which I use not because I want to smoke but I find it helps when I am anxious about anything. Heather I can’t thank you enough I have over come an addiction because of your Gift because that is what it is, and I have never slept so well and now I can set a good example to my 5 year old grandson. Thank you so much Heather and anyone reading this please take the step towards being a smoke free zone by contacting this lovely lady who from first hand experience I know will help you.

VW of Falkirk Smoking Cessation on 12 May 2013 May 12, 2013