Train to Become a Hypnotherapist

Heather is delighted to now be running the Scottish branch of the UK Academy of Therapeutic Arts and Sciences (known as the UK Academy).  We now offer an 11-module training course for those wishing to train as a hypnotherapist.  This course is expected to run once per year, split over 1 weekend per month for 10 months.

Typically weekends take the following structure:-
UK Academy Scotland - Training Room

  1. Introduction to Hypnotherapy
  2. Traditional Hypnotherapy Practice
  3. Self-Hypnosis, pain and IBS
  4. Smoking and weight control
  5. The therapeutic process
  6. Anxiety and stress
  7. Ericksonian Hypnosis
  8. Practice Management
  9. Regression
  10. Neuro-Linguistic Programming

A full prospectus is available on request.  Please email heather@hmh-therapy.co.uk, or see our dedicated training website ukacademyscotland.co.uk

The next training is due to start in September 2020.  Which will be held in Polmont, within the Haypark Business Centre, Marchmont Avenue, Polmont, Falkirk FK2 0NZ.


Entry requirements

This is a professional-level qualification, and it is expected that you should demonstrate a good level of education with Higher-level qualifications or equivalent vocational experience.  However for those wishing to re-train but not holding formal qualifications, a desire to learn and enthusiasm to participate will be taken into account.

You will also require basic computer skills as you will be required to submit a portfolio of work on completion of training.

In order to be considered for the course, you will need to submit a CV and write a short statement of your personal philosophy. You will also need to pass a short interview, demonstrating the appropriate skills to work with people who are sometimes vulnerable.

Qualifications Gained

On completion of the course you will gain:

  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD)
  • Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis (Dip CAH)
  • Practitioner Certificate in Neuro-Liguistic Programming (PNLP)

This will entitle you to use the qualifications HPD, Dip (CAH) and PNLP after your name.

The HPD is the nationally recognised qualification for hypnotherapists and is externally verified by the NCFE at NVQ level 4.

Specialist certification in treating Anxiety, Smoking Cessation, and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy can be added at a later date through additional portfolio submissions at no additional cost.

Course Costs

The course costs £2400 in total and constitutes over 120 in-classroom hours, and on completion of the portfolio accounts for over 450 hours of training, providing you with the skills to successfully build and run your own hypnotherapy practice.  You will also receive free student membership of the National Council for Hypnotherapy (the largest Professional Body for Hypnotherapy) and free supervision while in training.

Interviews for the next course take place throughout the year.  On successful completion of interview a deposit of £240 will be required to secure your place on the course.

A recommended reading list is available upon request, and while purchase from this list is not compulsory, you may find the texts useful during your studies.  There is no end exam but in order to successfully obtain the qualifications students are observed throughout the course and submit a portfolio of work at the end to receive their certification allowing them to practice as hypnotherapists.

If you would like more information or wish to be considered for the next training course in Polmont, please email heather@hmh-therapy.co.uk

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"I have enjoyed the course very much and will miss our monthly learning sessions. I found the training, the pace, the approach and your relaxed style of training conducive to our learning. You are very professional, extremely knowledgeable and so practical in your approach. Every weekend was delivered in an organised and informative manner with practical exercises and with the demonstration of your experience and skills apparent. You certainly have set the benchmark for us all. I only hope that I become as good a hypnotherapist as you one day.

Thank you for all your input, delivery, support, student counselling and coaching. You are a natural trainer and supervision counsellor. I wish you continued success in your training academy as the standard you deliver is extremely high".

ST of Falkirk July 26, 2018

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"I am very happy with the course and am delighted that I have now achieved the qualification 

which will enable me to use hypnotherapy.  

The course is well structured and delivered to a very high standard.

I found all the subjects and content very interesting, engaging and all very

applicable to helping people as a qualified hypnotherapist.

I am looking forward to my career in hypnotherapy and believe I am equipped

with all the necessary skills and knowledge in order to be as successful as possible.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone interested in practicing hypnotherapy

- it's a whole new, fascinating world. " 

SK of Aberdeen July 26, 2018

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"I have recently completed the ten month Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma with the UK Academy training school and can testify that if you are considering completing your HPD that you need look no further.  The course has a good mix of practical and theory, with the students learning how to practice hypnosis from day one.  The training content is well put together, and is carried out in a professional manner.  Marketing strategies for new hypnotherapists were taught as part of the course, and NLP is covered in the last two months of the course.  I would say that the UK Academies training course leaves their students well equipped to go on and have a successful career as a clinical hypnotherapist".

DF of Ayr July 26, 2018

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If you are looking to do a Diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis then I would recommend the course run by the UK Academy Scotland. The course combines theory and plenty of opportunity to practice. Heather who runs a successful hypnotherapy practice uses her knowledge and experience to bring the course to life. She gives lots of great nuggets of information to give her students the knowledge, skills and confidence to practice hypnotherapy safely, ethically and successfully.



SG of Falkirk May 8, 2017