Five Week Weight Loss Program

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Five Week Weight Loss Program
February 21, 2022

I was very frustrated by my slow but steady weight gain, and how it was refusing to shift in my 50s. I lacked motivation to stick to any diet, and was finding it all soul destroying.
A friend had tried hypnotherapy, and she was looking great – not just slimmer, but vibrant and full of energy.
So I signed up for five classes, and what a transformation! I have lost a stone and a half, dropped a dress size (probably two if I am being honest with myself) and it is now nearly three months since I started. I haven’t had sweets or crisps since, nor have I missed them, and I have embraced a pescatarian life style which sees me eating a whole lot healthier. Most of all, this feels natural, and not a hardship. My relationship with food has been altered, hopefully forever, and I really appreciate the help and support from HMH.
I would – and have – recommend it to everyone.