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I recently came to your clinic for a hypno band, I wasn’t sure at first because I had tried everything under the sun but the bottom line was I had no willpower at all. I had 2 hypno sessions with you before the gastric band session and was looking forward to the band session. I enjoyed the session but at the time I didn’t feel much difference and for the next 2 weeks I didn’t feel anything had changed and thought that it wasn’t for me and was readly (and willing) to give up. However a day or so later it was like a “light going off in my head” and I started to feel better in myself, not as hungry and I have started going to various exercise classes i.e. body combat, kettlecise, body pump which I have never tried before, I am now losing weight steadily, not eating to extreme and exercising regularly. The main thing I notice is that I am not thinking about food 24/7 the way I was previously and have managed to stop eating at least 6 packets of crisps per day !!!!!

Thank you for your support and I will let you know when I am at the weight I want to be, I would recommend the hypno band to anyone considering it.

JS of Falkirk Hypnoband on 11 March 2013 March 11, 2013