Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy FalkirkHeather offers two main approaches to weight management. The first is a specialised 5-week weight management programme using a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). The second approach is HypnoBand™ gastric band hypnosis.  Both approaches are very effective and look at the issues surrounding your eating habits and look to change any thoughts or beliefs that are unhelpful to you obtaining your goal of losing weight.

HMH Therapy’s Five-Week Weight Loss Programme

This approach involves individual sessions looking at the emotional reasons why you eat, working together to build upon motivational levels for achieving your goal.  We will be looking at ways exercise can be built into your lifestyle and looking toward changing behaviours which make you over-eat or comfort eat. Weight Management is a very personal and complex problem to deal with but Heather is committed to working with each of her clients to effect positive good eating habits, good self esteem and body image. Each client Heather sees will have their own individual relationship with food and she will work with you to find the triggers that make you over-eat or comfort eat particular food. She will work on reducing your food cravings, and help you enjoy an increased amount of exercise as a natural part of your lifestyle.

Heather will spend time to support you through your weight loss programme until you feel that you can manage on your own without additional hypnotherapy support.

The programme is split into five individual sessions:

  • The first session will take about 90 minutes, during which a full and comprehensive history of your eating issues will be discussed and goals will be set.  This is a fact finding session only, and no hypnotherapy will be done until the next session.  You will however be given a CD to listen to at home, and some homework to do before the next session.
  • The second session will involve some CBT and Thought Stopping.  The hypnotherapy will involve taking control over your eating and saying no to excess food.
  • The third session will involve discussion on your progress, examining your food diary, and hypnotherapy to encourage eating more healthily.
  • The fourth session will involve further discussion on how you have been getting on, and working on a complete weight information checklist, looking at any food cravings and dealing with these using CBT.  The hypnotherapy during this session will focus on encouraging exercise and taking care of yourself, promoting a positive self image.
  • The fifth session will involve comparing your food diary with the first week and looking at your goals to see how you have succeeded, before setting further goals.  The hypnotherapy involves teaching you self hypnosis and focuses on healthy eating, eating smaller portions and eating slowly, and dealing with anything you are not happy with or having particular trouble with.

After each of the five sessions with our Hypnotherapist you will be given a CD to listen to at home as well as an information pack and homework assignments (such as food diaries and weighing yourself).

This is a comprehensive weight management programme and success can only be achieved if you commit to all five sessions.  Each session costs £70 and to gain optimum success you should allow one week between sessions, although longer between sessions can be arranged to fit your budget and goals.

We also offer a discount of £50 off the total cost of treatment if all 5 sessions are paid for at session 1.

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Had a very good session

PD of Shieldhill Weight Management on 9th December 2023 June 19, 2024

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Sessions were very relaxed and I was easily able to change negative thoughts and behaviours into positive ones, enabling me to lose weight.

JR of Dunmore Weight Management on 18th November 2023 June 19, 2024

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Really enjoy my sessions with Susan. Feel a huge difference in my mind set.

PD of Shieldhill Weight Management on 13th November 2023 June 19, 2024

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Susan was amazing, fantastic, kept me motivated, and has made a huge difference to my thoughts to food, and how I see myself, the recordings are so valuable by Heather, 10/10. Thanks a million Susan and Heather. 

TP of Falkirk Weight Management on 28th October 2023 June 19, 2024

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Susan is amazing, caring, very professional and makes me feel relaxed, 10/10

TP of Falkirk Weight Management on 14th September 2023 June 19, 2024

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Susan, who I saw for the second week on Friday, is absolutely amazing, the motivation, enthusiasm, her passion for her job and helping people is 10/10, I feel  fantastic after hypnotherapy session, we talk about how I feel, what I ate, did I feel deprived, and the recording this week by Heather is perfect, and is making a huge difference to me, excellent, I feel like a new person, thanks a million Susan and Heather

TP of Falkirk Weight Management on 28th August 2023 June 19, 2024

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Susan, was absolutely amazing, explained everything to me, I felt so comfortable and at ease, today I feel like a new person, caring for myself, being motivated, and to feel happy within myself, 10/10, Susan, Heather, and Tina, were all so helpful, Thank you.

TP of Falkirk Weight Management on the 12th August 2023 June 19, 2024

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I wasn't sure at first as didn't understand how it worked. But after going and meeting Susan (who is lovely) and explained everything to me I thought why not?  It's the best thing I've done. Am on my way to loosing nearly 1 1/2 stone since March. I find it a lot easier than other ways I've tried. I would recommend

CG of Govan Weight Management on 12th May 2022 June 12, 2024

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As it was my first time. I gave you a 4 but once I start losing weight I will up it to 5. But I feel really confident. And I already have family and friends waiting to see how I get on so they can do it.

CG of Alloa Weight Management on 24th February 2022 June 12, 2024

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Really enjoyable experience, totally felt at ease and in charge of my own weight loss

KS of Dunfermline Weight Management on 20th February 2022 June 12, 2024

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Made very welcome and put at ease.  A very calm, comfortable atmosphere.

MD of Grangemouth Weight Management on 7th January 2022 June 12, 2024

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Heather is amazing so friendly and makes you feel so at ease. Nothing is a problem and she is very approachable and is always there to give a helping hand. Thank you so much heather!x

LR f Falkirk Clinical Hypnotherapy on 20th October 2020 October 22, 2020

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Enjoyed my journey from start to finish. My self confidence has improved greatly giving me the confidence I needed to achieve my goal weight. Delighted with my first week weight loss of 4 lb. looking forward to my next appointment

JD of Armadale Clinical Hypnotherapy on 18th September 2020 October 22, 2020

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Week 7 and lost 18 pounds. Eating habits totally changed, sleeping pattern totally changed. Doing lots more things I wasn’t doing before and feeling more confident. Totally changed the way I look at food. Eating more healthily and not snacking the same. Now taken control of food and taken more control over life.

SD of Blackridge Weight Management on 24 June 2014 June 24, 2014

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8 weeks in and I have lost 1 stone and 10 pounds. I have absolutely no plans to change my new eating habits of 3 meals a day. Heather is fantastic. What a lovely lady! She has made the experience enjoyable and easy. HIGHLY recommended – happy customer!

CL of Falkirk Weight Management on 21 June 2014 June 21, 2014

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I would recommend people to visit this business website. Particularly if they are struggling with weight, smoking, anxiety issues. I have attended a five week session for weight management and cannot believe how well I feel after this period. Heather is a lovely warm caring individual.

SB of Falkirk Weight Management on 30 May 2014 May 30, 2014

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I’ve been to Heather a few times. She really makes you feel comfortable. I have been for Smoking. I am now a non-smoker, and also for weight management, and so far I am 1 stone 3 pounds down and I feel great.

AD of Airth Smoking Cessation and Weight Management on 5 Apr 2014 April 5, 2014

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I found my Weight Management Hypnotherapy brought out my confidence to achieve weight loss and introduced me to foods I had never tried and didn’t think I would like. It has helped me continue to feel confident in myself, and the information received each week was very helpful

AD of Falkirk Weight Management on 29 Jul 2013 July 29, 2013